Hi! I’m Malcolm Manning.

I think of myself as a somatic movement researcher, educator, mentor and artist. Sometime during the many years I have spent learning to move, I realised that I was actually moving to learn, hence the name of this web site.

What do I do?

Whether I’m working with professional dancers or people who simply want to be more comfortable as they sit and work on their computers, I create classes in which I invite others to share in my ongoing inquiry of what it is to be a thinking, feeling, moving subject in this world.

My aim in teaching is always to create the conditions to meet ourselves with a childlike sense of wonder; to engage playfully with our innate curiosity unhindered by expectation; and to develop a dialogue with ourselves and our environment in which we are empowered to be our own experts.

Who do I work with?

I began by offering my work mainly as a resource for dance professionals in dance centres, at festivals, for dance companies and on higher education programmes. More broadly in the the performing arts, I have also worked with actors, musicians, singers.

For every body, I teach a workshop series called BodySchool in which I seek to apply my synthesis of somatic and postmodern dance practices to everyday life situations.

How did I learn all this?

I have studied a range of somatic practices and contemporary dance practices. I am certified as a practitioner of both the Feldenkrais Method® and the Body And Earth work developed by Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose. I studied for two years at SNDO Amsterdam and have an MA in Dance Pedagogy from the Theatre Academy Of Finland in Helsinki. I have made extensive studies of Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Movement Shiatsu, Body Mind Centering and experiential anatomy.

Upcoming workshops

Yspertal, Austria
guest teacher on IHDM Advanced Teacher Training
7-12th February 2017

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I'll be guest teaching on the Language module from 7-12 February on the Institut For Holistic Dance And Movement Pedagogy's Advanced Teachers Training. The course itself starts at the end of August 2016. The institute also offers a basic teacher training that I guest teach on too – the next teachers training course begins in January 2017.  I...
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Wien, Austria
Proto-technique morning classes at TQW
6-18 June 2016

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Proto-technique class This is a process-oriented dance class focused on how we experience ourselves moving. We examine how that experience is shaped by how we imagine ourselves into being, according to both our personal histories and mythologies and the cultures and languages in which we are immersed. The aim is to develop self-awareness as a tool for creating and refining our own dance practices: widening the range of movement vocabulary and qualities; improving ease, efficiency and flow in movement; recovering from and avoiding injury. The impossibility of a purely physical training is assumed from the start. The class encourages critical…

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Dresden, Germany
Proto-technique : Moving From the Fish Body
21/22 May 2016

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In the 3.5 billion year tale of human evolution, it is from our fish ancestors that we inherit our spinally organised head-tail structure. From an evolutionary perspective, the “fish body” represents our vital core, while our legs and arms are the parts of ourselves that mediate with and enable us to navigate through our terrestrial world. This workshop is informed by my study of Steve Paxton’s Material For The Spine which is in part derived from contact improvisation (CI), a from which asks for full articulation of the torso when dancing centre to centre with full body contact. Classes include: periods of guided exploration/lecture/dialogue in which…

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Copenhagen, Denmark
CI Copenhagen Mini-Festival
22-24th April 2016

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The Copenhagen Contact Improvisation Mini-Festival takes place from the 22-24 of April 2016 in a new location this year – the beautiful green surroundings of Stenløse just outside Copenhagen. We offer three days of classes and jamming accompanied by live music and fuelled by very tasty, mostly organic food prepared by our resident chef. We look...
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Copenhagen, Denmark
BodySchool : How to sit at a desk, work at a computer … and maybe even enjoy it!
18/19th March, 8/9th and 29/30th April 2016

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Three short weekend workshops that address the question: How to sit at a desk, work at a computer … and maybe even enjoy it? For a full description of the workshop visit here The first weekend looks at the basics of how to organise ourselves in sitting, and in weekend two we’ll explore how to use the hands and arms. Weekend three introduces the use of the eyes and brings it all together with the orientation in space. It’s important work as most of us spend time sitting and working at a computer. But just because it’s important doesn’t mean it has to be…

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Helsinki, Finland
Spatial Support In CI (aka the Spiderman class)
Skiing On Skin Contact Festival Finlandia
13-19th February 2016

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We get support from orientation to space as well as to the earth. Spatial support brings lightness and expansiveness to dancing CI. It’s the key to all the flying skills and a sense of independence in dancing with another. So a nice long personal exploration that starts slow and low with the support of the earth and opens up to spatial support. Followed by lots of dancing. link to the festival here

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Helsinki, Finland
BodySchool : Caring For Our Necks
6/7th and 20/21st February 2016

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The inspiration for this workshop is to share some of the insights I gained from suffering and subsequently healing from a serious neck injury: a herniated disk for which an operation was eventually recommended. I chose the self-healing path instead and now I’m well on the way to recovery. Though I wouldn’t wish the injury on anyone, I feel nonetheless that I have an enhanced awareness of how I feel and use my neck as a result of the process I went through. In this workshop, I’ll share some of the practices that helped me through this healing process: ways…

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January 2016

I’m in the process of updating my web site. It was hacked some years ago. I repaired it enough to get it back up and running but a lot of material never made it back.

The behind-the-scenes mechanics are all new and allow me many more possibilities. Stage one is to put back all the old material in something approaching the old-design. Stage two is to launch a new design that better represents my current work.

This month I’m aiming to complete stage one. I decided to go LIVE already even if it’s not totally finished. On the positive side, I’m making my various writings available on the blog page and it’s maybe easier to find your way around. On the negative side, as I write this on 4th January 2016, there are more pictures to add and some of the links may take you back to the old site.

When I’m done with stage one then this message will change to reflect that. When I launch the new design then I’ll announce that via my mailing list sp please join that if you want more news.

Happy New Year!