Bill Palmer

Shiatsu works with the idea that vital energy flows through the body in pathways known as meridians. Application of pressure and stretching along these pathways our body’s innate healing ability is stimulated. Bill Palmer is one of a small group of practitioners who introduced shiatsu into the UK in the ’70s. Movement shiatsu is his synthesis of traditional chinese medicine (TCM), developmental movement therapy and body-based Psychotherapy …

Unbalanced posture can lead to structural weakness, bad circulation and physical disease but also our posture mirrors how we feel emotionally and how we cope with life issues. Movement Shiatsu links how posture develops in early life and to the development of personality. Counseling is an integral part of the therapy because this process of postural change challenges our feelings about ourselves. Movement Shiatsu does not aim to be psychotherapy but helps people to incorporate the emotional side of postural change.

In contrast to more common forms of shiatsu, it is more theoretically based on traditional chinese medicine (TCM) rather than the five elements since the relationship of the meridians to developmental movement is clearer. I studied with Bill for two years of his three year practitioner programme. I left mainly because I was not ready to make the step to working one-to-one with people. However, his teaching of anatomy and his insights into developmental movement have had a huge impact on my study and teaching on movement.