Re-membering ourselves : The body as historical archive

Re-membering ourselves

W e live in a culture suffused with a multitude of ideas and images of the body that mix with our first hand experience to shape our sense of ourselves. While we often conceive of our personal history in terms of a thought or spoken linguistic narrative, in this experimental laboratory-like workshop we will attempt to uncover, include and integrate our felt sense of history in the body.

We’ll use a range of tools including authentic movement, writing tasks, storytelling and somatic movement processes as a way of gently and respectfully exploring and sharing the histories of our bodies. The work is interdisciplinary by nature and it’s not necessary to have special expertise in any of the areas in which we work.

The frame for this is to develop material that could be brought into creative processes.

Upcoming workshops

Tampere, Finland
The Language Of Sensation – CI workshop
2/3rd December 2017

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The Language Of Sensation An open-level Contact Improvisation workshop A workshop for those who love to dance contact improvisation and are interested in exploring somatic approaches to expand the possibilities of their dancing. We will move between exercises aiming to clarify the sensations which lie at the heart of CI and exploring scores that point towards different types of CI vocabulary. The idea of this approach is to minimise the teaching of set material (moves, tricks, etc) and instead to maximise the opportunities of participants to discover material for themselves through their own research and exploration. Very simply, I set…

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