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Berlin, Germany
BodySchool: Authentic Movement and the Feldenkrais Method
5-7th January 2018

BodySchool: Authentic Movement and the Feldenkrais Method

In the frame of Winter Tanz 2017/18

In some ways, the Feldenkrais Method and Authentic Movement adopt contrasting approaches to supporting our growth as humans. While both encourage us to listen to ourselves and develop a respectful attitude to learning, the first confronts us to recognise our perceptual and kinaesthetic habits, the second supports self-regulated unwinding.

In this workshop is it suggested that the Feldenkrais Method offers food for the nervous system and Authentic Movement is proposed as a way of digesting and integrating that information. In the Feldenkrais Method, you’re invited to direct your attention around yourself while exploring very particular pathways and connections.

Often, many different ways to organise yourself for a similar action are suggested. Some feel familiar while some feel unknown and very odd; patterns of organisation you would never have selected for yourself.

In Authentic Movement, the invitation is simply to listen and follow any impulses you have to move. As the practice develops, we refine our ability to notice, allow and follow movements that arise, while suspending any judgments or interpretation while we move. Witnessing offers us the opportunity to observe while trying to simply be present for someone else.

It is a time and place to listen to yourself; many experience this as an opportunity to unwind.

People of diverse physicalities are very welcome and encouraged to attend this workshop. The studios are unfortunately not accessible for wheelchair users.

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