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Berlin, Germany – Juxtaposition : A Dialogue Between Practices with Sara Shelton Mann – 14-18th July 2014

By 25th January 2014March 14th, 2019Past Workshops

Presented by Tanzfabrik as part of the Sommer Tanz Festival – more info here

Juxtaposition : A Dialogue Between Practices is a collaborative workshop proposition between two-practitioners who place the experience of the body at the centre of their dance practices.

Proto-technique class by Malcolm Manning
The aim is to develop self-awareness as a tool for creating and refining our own dance practices. The impossibility of a purely physical training is assumed from the start and the class also encourages critical and conceptual interrogation of the many discourses that shape our experience. It is a class about dancing in context.

It includes material from experiential anatomy, ideokinesis and the Feldenkrais Method and is part interactive lecture, part guided and part open movement exploration. The continual mapping of movements back to the simple acts of standing and walking means the material is approachable and useful for anyone.

The Body Process by Sara Shelton Mann

This means approaching a body process/a focus on a system/puzzle/skill with clarity and the intention of removing all automatic phrasing of body language as a means of organizing or analyzing.

The class will be focused on technical aspects of limbs, and core with an energetic component of intuitive reclaiming of spacial orientation and sitting into the present without the internal story and with the naked reality of beginning. Improvisational skill development, technical skill development, finding the awareness of the knowing of what is arising. Simplicity is the antidote to glamour.