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Spine from Gray's Anatomy

Caring For Our Backs

In many ways we forget that as a species we are still evolving. One could say that a sign that we still haven’t meet the challenge of adapting to our changing environment is the number of people that suffer from back pain.

In this workshop we’ll explore not only how to take care of our own backs but also some simple ways to take care of other’s backs too. Each class includes time spent scanning through ourselves in walking and standing, looking at some basic skeletal anatomy and doing some Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement classes. There will also be guided touch and movement exercises, both alone and with others.

Participants will leave with a range of tips and tricks that they can employ throughout the day to refresh and relief aches and pains. In addition they will be presented with a series of simple but powerful Feldenkrais classes known as the Magic Roller classes. These classes are done lying in various positions on a rolled up blanket and provide a comprehensive but gentle workout for tired or aching backs. The positions and movements are easily remembered and once understood can be played around with whenever needed.

As in all BodySchool classes, mp3 recordings of all Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes will be provided so that participants can play with the complete classes as presented in the workshop.

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