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Perceptual Resources To Survive The Information Age

The 21st century post-industrial digital age presents particular challenges to our sense of embodiment. The prevalence of the computer and increasing activity in the virtual sphere together with the shift towards freelance patterns of employment which blur the distinction between work and leisure have led to the increase of stress in our lives.

This longer course aims to offer a counterbalance to this situation be grounding and centering our experience back in the body. It aims to offer both a time and place for recuperation and tools that can support us in our daily lives.

This training is intended for those who have either already attended BodySchool short courses and would like to dive deeper into this approach, or can demonstrate equivalent experience. The intention is to support students to integrate the approach further into their lives and begin to share it with others. It maybe therefore be of particular interest to those who teach or lead groups. There will also be more emphasis on working with others through touch opening another avenue to share the approach.

The principal content will include experiential anatomy, ideokinesis and the Feldenkrais Method®. Creating the conditions to greet ourselves with a childlike sense of wonder, to engage playfully with our innate curiosity unhindered by expectation, is a major part of the skill that Malcolm brings to his teaching. This attitude, as much as the material itself, is what he offers through it.

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