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Bolzano, Italy
Tanz Bozen-Bolzano Danza International Festival
15-20 July 2019

I’ll be teaching two workshops again this year at Tanz Bozen – Bolzano Danza festival in the Südtirol region of Northern Italy. You’ll find the info you need about signing up and how to get there on the festival web site at You can also find a link there to the festival performance programme.

Ensemble Improvisation

In this workshop, we will study the physical and perceptual skills of contact improvisation, alongside those of group improvisation and composition. We will play with improvisation as an ensemble activity.

We always dance through an environment, in relationship to gravity and space. Gravity connects us to the earth from which we get support while space invites us to move through it. We will experience this in solo work as well as duets, trios and so on all the way up to dancing together as a whole group.

The skills of contact improvisation are not much different to dancing solo but they multiply the possibilities when encountering others. We simply include playing with the support of the earth as it presents itself through other bodies in motion, together with the more familiar support of the floor and invitation of space.

To this we add tuning our attention to the shifting compositional patterns of group improvisation. We discover how we are each simultaneously responding to and creating the environment in which we are all improvising together.

In this way we are each invited to co-create, participate in and enjoy a rich field of ensemble improvisation.

This workshop takes place from 15-20th July at 16.45-19.15 each day

Read more about Malcolm’s teaching in the article On Teaching Contact Improvisation

The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais method is a far-reaching multi-layered somatic educational system which offers to improve the quality, range and comfort with which we move. Since we are moving every moment of our lives, improving how we move can improve all that we do. At its core is a radical way of thinking about learning; we learn how to learn.

The challenge in a Feldenkrais class is to pay attention to ourselves as we move. We gain in flexibility and strength not through stretching or exerting ourselves, but by working slowly and gently in a way that enables us to listen to what it is that we are actually doing.

It is through refining our ability to sense what it is we are doing that we educate ourselves to move in more coordinated, efficient and graceful ways. This ability to sense ourselves then infuses all we do in our lives.

This workshop takes place from 15-20 July at 12-13.30 every day