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Contemporary Dance Education

My area of expertise lies in the application of somatic practices to contemporary dance. I believe that somatics can make an important contribution to the development of physical intelligence which in turn can support the development of how we dance (dance technique) and the kinds of dances we make (improvisation and composition).

Somatic practices applied to dance emphasise self-development, self-awareness, interaction skills, choice making skills, creative process, health and well-being of the dancer. In respecting the different potentials of different physiques rather than seeking to impose uniformity, they are inclusive and support diversity.

I teach in many different settings and for groups with very different aspirations. I am passionate about teaching. For me teaching is a creative act. I am at my best when I am also learning as I teach. Teaching as research. I teach in a variety of settings – from professional performing arts training programmes to vocational, degree and masters level courses in universities, academies and colleges.

The delivery of your material is incredibly precise and clear. At the same time you manage to create an atmosphere in which there is plenty of space and freedom to explore and experiment

Ruth Trueman Senior lecturer, Middlesex University

I was amazed by the students workshop showing. They had such strong physical presence, and the trust and communication within the group was phenomenal.

Lloyd Peters Course Leader, BA(Hons) Media and Performance, Salford University

The presence and openness with which you entered the teaching situation and your enthusiasm for movement and improvisation was inspirational. I was also impressed by how you gave attention to the students' individual issues without losing the momentum the group process

Pia Lindy, Lecturer, Tanssialan perustutkinto Outokummun Oppimiskeskukus

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