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Copenhagen, Denmark
BodySchool : How to sit at a desk, work at a computer … and maybe even enjoy it!
18/19th March, 8/9th and 29/30th April 2016

By 12th January 2016March 14th, 2019BodySchool, Past Workshops

Three short weekend workshops that address the question: How to sit at a desk, work at a computer … and maybe even enjoy it? For a full description of the workshop visit here

The first weekend looks at the basics of how to organise ourselves in sitting, and in weekend two we’ll explore how to use the hands and arms. Weekend three introduces the use of the eyes and brings it all together with the orientation in space.

It’s important work as most of us spend time sitting and working at a computer. But just because it’s important doesn’t mean it has to be serious. And since even if sitting is our focus then come prepared to walk around, stand and lie down … it’s the weekend after all!

How to sit at a desk ...

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DATE : 18/19th Mar, 8/9th and 29/30th Apr
TIME : Friday evening from 6-9pm and and Saturday 10-16pm each weekend
PLACE : Center for Research in Existence and Society, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, Øster Søgade (see the map posted below)
COST : 2000DKK for all three weekends 800DKK for a single weekend

Center for Research in Existence and Society map