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Dresden, Germany
Proto-technique : Moving From the Fish Body
21/22 May 2016

By 13th May 2016March 14th, 2019Past Workshops

In the 3.5 billion year tale of human evolution, it is from our fish ancestors that we inherit our spinally organised head-tail structure. From an evolutionary perspective, the “fish body” represents our vital core, while our legs and arms are the parts of ourselves that mediate with and enable us to navigate through our terrestrial world.

This workshop is informed by my study of Steve Paxton’s Material For The Spine which is in part derived from contact improvisation (CI), a from which asks for full articulation of the torso when dancing centre to centre with full body contact.

Classes include: periods of guided exploration/lecture/dialogue in which the specific themes are introduced through movement and associated anatomical details: Feldenkrais (ATM) classes chosen to clarify some of the themes explored; time for self-directed exploration to integrate the information into your own movement vocabulary.

For more on Proto-technique visit here

Hours: Saturday and Sunday from 11-18
Fees: Sliding scale 120 – 70 EUR
For more info and booking: visit Contact Impro Dresden