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Hamburg, Germany – Morning classes for dancers – 10-13th June 2013

By 25th March 2013March 14th, 2019Past Workshops


K3 Morning Classes Thurs 10-13 June from 10-12.00

These classes apply somatic movement practices to the performing arts as a kind of “invisible technique” which can enhance how we perform, our ability to learn new skills and suggest new movement vocabulary.

They also offer a way to ease any longstanding aches and pains you may have, and grow our ability to recover from or, better still, avoid injuries. The class material includes the Feldenkrais Method, Experiential Anatomy and other specially-devised material to enter into a physical dialogue with ourselves and our environment.

In this week’s classes we’ll explore dynamically what it might mean to be “grounded”. As the ability to receive support gets clearer then the lighter, easier and more powerful our sense of ourselves in movement can become. The obvious place to start is with our feet and legs. From there we’ll trace how we can channel the support of the earth through the rest of ourselves.

While the form was developed as a two-hour morning class for professional dancers, its focus on the simple acts of standing and walking means the material is suitable for anyone who is interested to attend the classes. And because each person works alone with the material, it is in fact suitable for groups of mixed abilities, skills and interests.

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