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Helsinki, Finland : BodySchool Autumn 2011

BodySchool Autumn 2011 is presented as part of the TEAK Open University programme and is worth 3 study credits

Taking Care Of Our Backs

During these three weekends we’ll explore how to take care of our backs. There will be experiential anatomy, Feldenkrais classes, together with other things I’ll share that I’ve picked up along the way. I will also introduce some ways of working with touch that we’ll practise with each other during the course and you can share at home with friends and family.

Dates and times: Sat-Sun 22.-23.10., 12-13.11. and 3.-4.12.2011 (to be confirmed) daily from 10am to 4 pm
Open university fee: 30 €
Enrolments: 1.6.-30.9.2011 by email to Anna Nybondas
Open University: website