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Helsinki, Finland : BodySchool Spring 2012

By 2nd August 2012March 14th, 2019Past Workshops

BodySchool Spring 2012 is presented as part of the TEAK Open University programme and is worth 3 study points

Somatic Ergonomics : how to sit at a desk working on a computer and not suffer … and maybe even enjoy it!

Computer Workstation VariablesErgonomics is the science of designing the job, equipment, and workplace to fit the worker. Too often it seems that in practice what it means is the worker needs to fit the workplace. You’ve maybe seen the diagrams of the perfect workstation with the perfect worker sat in the perfect position.

What seems wrong to me is that fails to recognise that humans are designed to move and not be still. Taking our natural born thirst for movement as our starting point, we’ll use experiential anatomy and the Feldenkrais Method as the principal means to explore how we can empower ourselves as moving subjects at our desks.

We’ll explore the anatomy and movements of the torso, the arms and hands, and the eyes in many different situations, returning always to apply what we have learned in sitting. Participants can expect a general improvement in their ability to sit and work, together with many little tricks and games that they can do to stay mobile, relaxed and comfortable while they are working.

The course is intended to anyone who struggles with spending time at a desk working on a computer, which means just about anyone these days: from those whose jobs require them to be deskbound to grant-writing performing artists.

The atmosphere in the classes will be playful and welcoming, aiming to support each of us all in our glorious unique human imperfectness.

Dates and times: Sun-Sat 3.-4.3., 24.-25.3. and  21.-22.4. daily from 10-16
Open university fee: 30 €
Enrolments: email Anna Nybondas
Open University: website