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Helsinki, Finland – BodySchool Summer 2013 : Caring For Our Backs – 26-30th August 2013

BodySchool Spring 2013 is presented as part of the Summer University programme

BodySchool : Caring For Our Backs

One-week workshop Mon-Fri 26-30th August from 10-16.00

The idea behind BodySchool is that by increasing our physical self-knowledge and improving our ability to sense and feel ourselves as we move and think, then we learn fundamental lessons that can be carried over to enhance and support our whole lives.

BodySchool Workshops apply somatic and postmodern dance practices to everyday life situations. There is nothing in these classes to get right. The aim instead is to foster a physical dialogue with ourselves and the environment in which we become empowered to be our own experts. The classes are therefore suitable for anyone to join.

During this week we’ll explore how to take care of our backs. Each class includes time spent scanning through ourselves in walking and standing, looking at some basic skeletal anatomy and doing some Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement classes. There will also be guided touch and movement exercises, both alone and with others.

Creating the conditions to greet ourselves with a childlike sense of wonder, to engage playfully with our innate curiosity unhindered by expectation, is a major part of the skill that Malcolm brings to his teaching. This attitude, as much as the material itself, is what he offers through it.

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