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London, UK : morning classes at Independent Dance : 17-20th October 2011

By 4th August 2011March 14th, 2019Past Workshops

Awareness Perception Presence : Arms and Hands

Professional-level morning classes for dancers at Independent Dance

I have spent the last five-years developing a body of work designed to meet the needs of professional dancers called Awareness Perception Presence. Each class juxtaposes the Feldenkrais Method, experiential anatomy and other specially-devised material that aims overall to enter into and support a physical dialogue between ourselves and our environment.

Each class begins with a guided exploration/lecture/dialogue in which the specific theme of the class is introduced through movement and associated anatomical details. Next a Feldenkrais (ATM) class which aims to clarify some aspects of the theme. The final part of the class is spent in self-directed exploration taking the references movements as a starting point.

Dates: Monday 17 – Thursday 20 October 2011
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Duration: 120 minutes
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