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Madrid, Spain
Sensing Atmospheres
4/5th April 2018

Cartel Malcolm_b

This is an event organized within the “Laboratory of Somatic for Architecture and Landscape”

SENSING ATMOSPHERES April the 4th and 5th

On the first evening (4th at 18:30), Malcolm will introduce some of his extra-somatic practices – extra-somatic in the sense that, while they share the somatic modality of being talked through and into an experience of self, the starting point is a different metaphor of the mind/body relationship: that the mind is a field the both suffuses in and beyond the material body and that the material body is continuous with the vibrant matter of the world. What results is a state of being where the felt sense of the self is experienced as more diffuse and distributed.

On the second day, in the morning (5th at 11:30) we’ll take this work out of the studio and into the world before gathering back to share our reflections on the experience.

To participate or more info send an email to

The workshop will be bilingual English-Spanish