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Munich, Germany – Morning classes and workshop for dancers – 31st July to 10th August

By 25th March 2013March 14th, 2019Past Workshops

Awareness Perception Presence classes and Perceiving Choices workshop

TanzWerkstatt Europa festival 31 July – 10 Aug
Awareness Perception Presence : a series of somatically-oriented dance technique classes

These classes are a practical exploration of how to apply somatic movement practices to enhance performing, learning and creating dance movement vocabulary. They also offer the possibility to understand and relieve any longstanding aches and pains, and grow your ability to recover from or injuries or, better still, avoid them.

The classes juxtapose the Feldenkrais Method, experiential anatomy, ideokinesis and other specially-devised material to enter into a physical dialogue with ourselves and our environment. The classes oscillate between movement explorations and lecture formats, and end in open dancing.

The form was developed as a class for professional dancers, but its focus on simple acts such as standing and walking, and the fact that each person works alone, means it is possible for anyone who is prepared to work physically to attend the classes. A dance class for professional dancers that they can suggest their friends and partners sign up for too!

Perceiving Choices : a somatically-oriented improvisation/composition workshop

A simple study of how we choose to move and place ourselves in space as time passes, taking perceptual skills as our base. We will explore how to make choices inside moving as if from different parts of ourselves. We will observe each other’s choices and in the process gain some clues as to how our choices can be read.

We begin with a particular perceptual principle or focus in relation to our personal movement (movement exploration) and then take this into a group situation and see what choices we make (composition) and what is created (improvisation). The intention is that what you learn through your experience in the workshop can inform your compositional choices in making choreography and can also form the basis for performing improvisation.

Since no set material is presented then it is possible for people from a wide-range of backgrounds to work together. From Bollywood to ballet, street dance to contemporary, this work opens up diversity through creating a common perceptual language. Participants should have some previous experience of creating composition and be comfortable with improvisation together with movement skills/dance technique.

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