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Online Zoom Workshop
An introduction to Biotensegrity through the Feldenkrais Method
6-7th February & 6-7th March 2021

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Rainbow Arch, 2001 Kenneth Snelson

What if there are no joints or muscle attachments?
What if forces travel throughout our entire structure and not through only the skeleton?
What if we are fundamentally whole, not made up of cells but continuously “celling” to produce differentiated fields of density and texture?
What if all those latin-named parts of ourselves exist only in the (mostly male) mind of the anatomist and only carved out by his knife?
What if our bodies are not things but processes occurring in time?

This online workshop is for anyone already familiar with the Feldenkrais Method who is interested in getting a conceptual and experiential grounding in Biotensegrity, a new vision of anatomy for the 21st century.

I will offer explanations of some of the key concepts of biotensegrity in the form of mini-lectures, some perceptual and movement explorations to experience the concepts yourself, and some Feldenkrais classes taught from a biotensegral point of view as a way to sink deeply into a new experience of ourselves.

Anatomy for the 21st century

Biotensegrity represents a paradigm shift in the field of anatomy. Coming from within the medical profession, biotensegrity replaces the 400-year old biomechanics based on the physics of levers, pulleys and columns. 

It proposes instead a model that originates developments in twentieth century sculpture that in turn gave rise to new architectural forms. Biotensegrity offers both a simpler, more organic and holistic model of our physical structure that at the same time gives rise to more complex and subtle interactions with ourselves and the world.

The Feldenkrais Method helps us to move better through refining our ability to sense ourselves while we are moving. This is how we learn and perfect any skill.

In classes we slow things down and often work with small movements since they are the beginnings of big movements. You won’t be asked to copy the teacher or get anything right. Instead, you’ll be guided by my words or touch to feel how you are moving. 

What’s the connection?

Our movements and our perception of ourselves and our environment are to a large extent determined by the images we hold of ourselves and our environment. Moshe Feldenkrais thought of his work as a process of clarifying our self-image. 

The self-image is something we create throughout our developing experience of ourselves, our experiences ranging from the uniquely personal to those we share by virtue of the cultures within which we exist.

What we will explore in this workshop is how the cultural image we hold of our structure – our anatomy and physiology – concretely effects our experience. 


COST: 150€
DATES & TIMES: Two weekends 6-7th February & 6-7th March
Two sessions on each Saturday from 10.00-12.00 and 13-15.00 (Central European Time – Vienna)
One session each Sunday from 11.00-13.30 (Central European Time – Vienna)
RECORDINGS: you will receive recordings of the classes so you can repeat them or catch up if you miss a session


Once you’ve booked using the link below, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your payment has been received.  You’ll be emailed the code to join the online meeting in Zoom the day before the first class begins.

If you are having financial problems please email me and we can agree a reduced price. I’ll then send you a code you can enter when you pay to give you the reduced price we agree on.

If you are in serious difficulty and unable to pay anything you can simply choose to enter the code FREE instead. Please complete the booking process in this case or I won’t get your info to send you the link.

You’ll need a clear floor space with enough room to lie with your arms out to the sides or above your head. Please wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and make sure you’ll be warm enough.

I’ll be there 10 minutes before the classes start, so we’ll have time to chat if you log in early.