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Paris, France
CIRP: Contact Improvisation as a Research Paradigm
24-26 March 2018

By 17th November 2017June 2nd, 2018Contact Improvisation, Past Workshops, Workshops

The CIRP meeting will gather a small number of participants to understand and discuss, develop and practice Contact Improvisation (CI) as a research paradigm. CI is a dance practice that involves, to a large degree, the investigation of possibilities, forms and principles regarding the ways we move, interact, and practice art. It is not a closed form, and this quality of inquiry is present in classes, jams, and meetings.

CI has merged (or has the potential to) with other forms of investigation in areas like somatics, theatre, psychology, etc.. More formal academic research (scientific, philosophical, etc…) also has the potential to interact or integrate with CI as a research paradigm.

More info about the event and how to sign up here