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Online Zoom mini-workshop
Proto-technique : Re-imaging the cell
9th July

Proto-technique : Re-imaging …

What if the forces don’t go through your bones?

What if there are no joints or muscle attachments?

What if all those latin-named parts of ourselves exist only in the (mostly male) mind of the anatomist and only carved out by his knife?

What if we are one body, not made of cells but continuously “celling”.

What if our bodies are not things but processes occurring in time?


Our movements and our perception of ourselves is to some extent determined by the images we hold of ourselves. The Feldenkrais Method and Ideokinesis both address us at that level in different ways.

Some time ago I realised that the medical anatomy that I learned was just a subset of ideokinesis; an image. I’m curious what happens if we switch out that 400-year-old levers’n’pulleys image of the human body for that of biotensegrity, an anatomy more fit for the 21st century.

Re-imaging the Cell

The proposition that cell shape, movement and cytoskeletal mechanics are controlled, sensed and responded to by means of a tensegrity architecture of the cell was as revolutionary as it was outrageous when first proposed by Donald Ingber in 1993. By now it is the accepted reality and current research examines this building system may provide a structural basis for the hierarchical organization of living systems — from molecule to organism and I would argue into society.

Here we revisit embodying the cell as I learned in Body Mind Centering but we re-image it according to the tensegrity model of the cell.


COST: 25€ (Payments also accepted in £s and $s)
DATE: Thursday 9th July
TIME: 17.00-19.00pm Vienna (CEST) – 11.00am-13.00pm New York (EDT) – 8.00-10.00am San Francisco (PDT)


Once you’ve booked using the link below, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your payment has been received.  You’ll be emailed the code to join the online meeting in Zoom around 30-60 minutes before the class begins.

If you are having serious financial problems you can enter choose to enter the code FREE instead. Please complete the booking process in this case or I won’t get your info to send you the link.

You’ll need a clear floor space with enough room to lie with your arms out to the sides or above your head. Please wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and make sure you’ll be warm enough.

I’ll be there 15 minutes before the class starts, so we’ll have time to chat if you log in early.