Having spent nearly 30 years performing, watching, devising and teaching dance and theatre alongside all my teaching activities and somatic studies, I’m sometimes asked to watch and give feedback during others’ creative processes. One choreographer called this kinetic consultancy and the name stuck.

I’m also sometimes asked to come and teach class to companies in production. Either in the midst of their creative processes or then closer to performance as a way to support the performers.

nadaproductions international (Amanda Piña and Daniel Zimmermann)
  • joint-research to support the Endangered Human Movements project
Liisa Risu
  • Valon Paino at Zodiak (2015)
  • Huono (Fail) at Zodiak (2012)
  • More or less love songs at Helsinki City Theatre (2011)
Pia Lindy
  • since 1994, most lately in a co-taught workshop called Minds In Motion where we work with writing and improvisation for
Satu Herrala
  • Pyhä Vitus at Theatre Academy Helsinki (2014)
  • Enclosure at Tanzquartier Wien (2009)