Online Zoom mini-workshop – Proto-technique : Re-imaging the Stand – 18th June 2020


Re-imaging the Stand

In this mini-workshop we take the stand from Steve Paxton and re-image it in terms of biotensegrity. I chose this subject as a way to introduce my understanding of biotensegrity since, like myself, I imagine many of us have a long history of studying ourselves in the stand.

When I switched out the old anatomical model for the new the results were instant and very tangible. I’ll employ all the familiar methodologies as part of my Proto-technique in this 2 hour class.


COST: 25€ (Payments also accepted in £s and $s)
DATE: Thursday 18th June
TIME: 17.00-19.00pm Vienna (CEST) – 11.00am-13.00pm New York (EDT) – 8.00-10.00am San Francisco (PDT)

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I’ll be there 15 minutes before the meeting starts, so we’ll have time to chat if you log in early.

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