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Six class online Feldenkrais Method Series
Developing Inner Composure
29th July to 2nd September

By 29th July 2020September 1st, 2020Past Workshops, Workshops

Developing Inner Composure

Summer six class series

6pm-7pm Wednesday evenings from 29th July to 2nd September

Moshe Feldenkrais created his method to support people to grow themselves beyond the limitations of what they learn in their childhood and youth. His work offers a practice of lifelong learning through attending to the gaps between our intentions and actions.

The classes consist of playfully exploring fun and curiously relaxing movement puzzles, that we work with slowly and patiently, most often lying or sitting on the floor.

Over time, the process of sensing ourselves ever more clearly as we act through movement spreads throughout every aspect our lives, often with surprising effects.

Rooted in the martial arts, the method brings forth in ourselves the essential quality of presence developed though the study of the martial arts. It aims to bring this essence to a much wider audience without the need of rigorous combative training.

In this series we particularly focus on developing the quality of inner composure. How to move through life with dignity, integrity and grace in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

For more information and to book online please follow this link which will take you to my new dedicated Feldenkrais Method web site