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Vienna, Austria
Summer Somatic Training with Sabine Parzer and Malcolm Manning
13-17th and 20-24th July 2020

Sabine Parzer and Malcolm Manning Austria Contact Improvisation Festival 2016. Photo by Olga Berdikyan

Two-week Summer Somatic Training with Sabine Parzer and Malcolm Manning

13-17th and 20-24th July 2020

Take the full two-week training – one week also possible

As we emerge back into an uncertain world, we face many challenges. The restrictions that we are asked to observe, in all their various levels of severity, as a result of the Coronavirus situation create an environment which we adapt to both consciously and unconsciously.

In this workshop we will offer structures in which we can negotiate, both within ourselves and with others, a way to establishing a safe shared space in which to dance and move together. We trust that what we learn in the studio becomes a resource for us to act in the world.

Sabine and Malcolm are two experienced teachers who share the same map but offer complementary teaching styles and material. Together, they aim to create a safe space where everyone can comfortably find their place. In keeping with the theme of renewal, we are very happy to welcome you to in a beautiful new large 200 m2 space, the Samdrubling Studio in Vienna’s 16th District.

Week One – 13-17th July

10-12:30 Rolling, Grounding, Arriving – Proto-technique with Malcolm Manning
14-16:30 That Which Is – Authentic Movement Plus with Sabine Parzer
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Week Two – 20-24th July

10-12:30 Release, Activate, Connect – somatic explorations with Sabine Parzer
14-16:30 Perceiving Choices – improvisational choice making with Malcolm Manning
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Samdrubling Studio,
Friedrich-Kaiser-Gasse 74
1160 Vienna, Austria

Maximum number of participants 26 plus two teachers
Sleeping in the studio for 15€/night


Both Weeks 600€/500€ TTs + professionals
One Week only 350€/ 280€ TTs + professionals
If you need a special financial plan please contact us.
There are two work-study places available.

Booking and payment

For general enquiries, booking and reservations please contact Sabine by email to
For questions about payment and invoicing please contact Malcolm by email to

NOTE: For TT and professionals please enter the following codes into the Coupon code box during the checkout process. Your discount will be applied and your reduced price will appear before making payment. Full training – TTPALL, Week One only – TTPONE, Week Two only – TTPTWO.

Week One – 13-17th July 2020

Mornings from 10-12:30 – Rolling, Grounding, Arriving

Proto-technique with Malcolm Manning

We aim enhance our ability to connect with each other through refining our ability to touch the earth. We will orient to establishing community among us through tuning ourselves to gravity. We’ll seek to inhabit common ground as a mutual support for us to step forward into the unknown together.

We’ll work with the methodologies of Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering and Ideokinesis adapted to the new anatomical paradigm of biotensegrity and embryology. We’ll improvise our rolls and explore rolling forms from Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine, Moshe Feldenkrais and the human work of Elsa Gindler.

Afternoons from 14-16:30 – That Which Is

Authentic Movement Plus with Sabine Parzer

In this special time we meet in a mindful and open space to come into contact with the “what is”. Like from a cocoon we peel out of the restrictions of the past weeks and invite the dance to lead us into a deeper expression of being.

For each of us the Corona crisis has brought different challenges, existential worries, physical and social limitations, round-the-clock childcare, fear for democratic values and much more.

At the same time, this time is also a chance for many to rethink, to create a fresh start, to find new resources and to live more attentively. We give the body and the soul the space to process stored sensations, to feel what wants to express itself now and to invite new developments.

In Authentic Movement we move with closed eyes out of the inner body in a mindful space. Witnessing is an important tool to meet oneself and others without judgement. Authentic Movement Plus is an extended approach with playful improvisations, anatomically based warmups and creative compositions.

Week Two – 20-24th July 2020

Contact Festival Vienna 2017 Zusatzfotos Maria Noisternig

Mornings from 10-12:30 – Release, Activate, Connect

Somatic explorations with Sabine Parzer

This workshop addresses our ability to be present with each breath, movement and connection, to dance in a state of deep release and immediate activation. Incorporating somatic principles, developmental movement and anatomical investigations with Improvisation,Release.Activate.Connect allows us to celebrate the mindfulness of our innate body wisdom.

Dancing works best when we allow ourselves to be soft and clear, in communication and connection to our own needs and others. Our goal in the improvisation is increased internal awareness, sensitivity, and connectivity that is available in the dance for self- referencing (anatomical/sensory) and connection, while dancing solo, with a partner or in group improvisations.

We will work on Breath, Qualities of Connection, Fascia, the Spine and its 3Dimensionality and Developmental Movement patterns.

Afternoons from 14-16:30 – Perceiving Choices

Improvisational choice making with Malcolm Manning

Composition is the activity of making choices, whether making art or living life. It’s also a way to play with possibilities. Our perception presents us with the elements from which to choose. The more fine-grained the perception, the more elements we can choose from and the more subtlety we can employ in combining them.

In this workshop, perception is our starting point for compositional choice making and improvisation is our tool. This is a simple back-to-basics study of how we choose to move and place ourselves in space as time passes. We will explore how we make choices inside our moving and also observe each other’s choices, in the process gaining some clues as to how read our environment and each other.