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Vienna, Austria
Feldenkrais classes at TQW
September-December 2023

Feldenkrais Method as Creative Process

Feldenkrais’ ultimate intention was to cultivate the ability to meet the present moment with curiosity and creativity, free from emotional reactivity and habitual thinking.

In each of these classes, an Awareness Through Movement lesson will be presented, framed by additional material to highlight how self-awareness can be developed to enhance creativity.

The Feldenkrais Method is a complex, multi-layered somatic, self-educational system; and our context here is contemporary dance and performance art making.

At first, the method appears simply to offer us a way to improve the quality, range and comfort with which we move.

But as a pioneering systems thinker, Feldenkrais’ ambitions went further. The clue is in the name; he called his group work is called Awareness Through Movement.

Practical details

Level: Open to the curious
Place: TanzQuartier Wien studios
Times: Tuesday mornings 9.30-11.00
Dates: 19th and 26th September,
3rd and 24th October,
7th, 14th and 21st November,
12th and 19th December 2023

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