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Vienna, Austria
Feldenkrais Method
classes at Tanzquartier Wien
October 18- 22 2021

Feldenkrais Method : Awareness Through Movement

at TQW studios
18.10./19.10.+21.10./22.10. from 18-19.00

The Feldenkrais method is a complex, multi-layered somatic educational system. On the surface it appears simply to offer us a way to improve the quality, range and comfort with which we move. Each class presents us with a moving puzzle.

The challenge is to refine our ability to sense ourselves while we are moving. But Feldenkrais’ aim for his method went far beyond movement. The clue is in the name, Awareness Through Movement.

Since we are moving every moment of our lives, then improving how we move has the potential to improve all that we do. To be able to respond creatively to challenges rather than reactively, conditioned by our habits.

At its core is a radical way of thinking about learning. We learn how to learn.

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