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Vienna, Austria
Dance Research Open Classes
22-26th May 2017

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photo : Jamus Wood

Dance Research Open Morning Classes

“What if it’s not the mind that lives in the body
but the body that lives in the mind?”

Confronted by the failure of neuroscientific research to solve the “hard problem” of consciousness, there has been a shift towards hypotheses that propose consciousness as a fundamental property of our universe. These approaches, though diverse, can be subsumed under the term panpsychism which proposes that everything is both interconnected and to some degree sentient.

I have been devising practices to explore experientially what it might be to shift from the spatial metaphor of mind as somehow manufactured inside our material bodies, to a temporal panpsychic model where mind is the experience we are having of ourselves unfolding in time, coincidental, but not identified, with our material body.

These “extended mind” practices unfold from an exploration of yoga nidra inside Steve Paxton’s Small Dance. From this state of being, I’m interested to explore Authentic Movement and simple choreographic strategies to study what emerges.

My intuition is that such a paradigm shift in reformulating the relationship of mind to body in this way points the way towards a post-somatic worldview where connectedness assumes more value than individuality.

8 PLACES ONLY – reserve your place soon!

DATES: Mon-Fri 22-26th May
TIMES: 10-12.30
PLACE: nadaLokal, Reindorfgasse 8, 1150 Vienna

more details coming soon …