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Vienna, Austria
Proto-technique : Shapeshifting
classes at Tanzquartier Wien
September 2021

By 20th September 2021Future Workshops


Mon 20/09 + Wed 22/09 + Fri 24/09, 09.30–11.30

I realised many years ago that the anatomical images we hold of ourselves function like ideokinesis in contributing to the shaping both our movement and perception.

Biotensegrity is a new model of anatomy that is emerging right now from within the medical community.

In these classes, I will share practices that I have developed to embody images of biotensegral anatomy that offer new experiences of ourselves as dancers.

Fundamental to Biotensegrity is the concept of multi-scalar interconnectedness – we don’t move parts but are forever shapeshifting.

Proto-technique classes are focused on the process of how we experience ourselves moving. The aim is to develop self-awareness as a tool for creating and refining our own dance practices.

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