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Vienna, Austria
Radical Calmness Practices at TQW
20-24th March 2023

Radical Calmness Practices

In this practice we explore movement as a way to reduce the noise in our systems with the aim of opening access to greater calmness within ourselves, both in action and at rest.

We begin with something like the somatic practice of Authentic Movement and gradually open it up into a multilayered attentional practice that encompasses the individual, collective, and more than human worlds.

When the nervous system is quiet then we are better able to think more clearly, to become more emotionally responsive rather than reactive, to sense ourselves and our environment better, and to act more decisively and effectively.

Radical Calmness Practice is accessible to anyone. There are no movements to learn. Instead you will be offered a series of tasks to explore while your attention is guided verbally.

Each day I’ll offer a different focus leading into the practice. You’re welcome to drop in or come for the whole week to go deeper.

It can be taken as an artistic and/or political practice, a practise of self and/or community care, and/or a practice for developing balance and resilience in an ever changing world.

Practical details

Dates: 20-24th March 2023
Times: 10.00-12.00 daily
Level: Open to the curious
Place: TanzQuartier Wien

Booking and payment