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Vienna, Austria
All About Rolling : Tanzquartier Wien Workshop
16-20th November 2020

TanzQuartier Workshop

10.00-14:00 from 16-20th November

In these days of social distancing, we aim enhance our ability to connect with each other through refining our ability to touch the earth. We will orient to establishing community among us through tuning ourselves to gravity. We’ll seek to inhabit common ground as a mutual support for us to step forward into the unknown together.

We’ll work with the methodologies of Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering and Ideokinesis adapted to the new anatomical paradigm of biotensegrity and embryology. We’ll improvise our rolls and explore rolling forms from Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine, Moshe Feldenkrais and the human work of Elsa Gindler.

We’ll refine our ability to organise ourselves for touch so that when the time comes, we are ready to bring it back into our dancing with even greater sensitivity, subtlety and skilfulness. And not just to our dancing, but to our whole lives, since we as movers and touchers will have much to offer a world in which touch has become problematised.

DATES: 16-20th November 2020
PLACE: TQW, MuseumsQuartier, Wien
TIMES: 10.00-14.00