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Vienna, Austria
Shapeshifting : Biotensegrity in Motion
22-23rd April 2023

Shapeshifting : Biotensegrity in Motion

In this workshop, I will share practices that I have developed to embody images of biotensegral anatomy that offer new experiences of ourselves as movers.


Our movements and our perception of ourselves and our environment are to a large extent determined by the images we hold of ourselves and our environment.

Our self-image is something we create throughout our developing experience of ourselves, our experiences ranging from the uniquely personal to those we share by virtue of the cultures within which we exist.

I realised many years ago that the anatomical images we hold of ourselves function like ideokinesis (the study of how images affect our movement) in shaping both our movement and perception.

Anatomy for the 21st century

Biotensegrity represents a paradigm shift in the field of anatomy. Coming from within the medical profession, biotensegrity replaces the 400-year old biomechanics based on the physics of levers, pulleys and columns.

It proposes instead a model that originates developments in twentieth century sculpture that in turn gave rise to new architectural forms. Biotensegrity offers both a simpler, more organic and holistic model of our physical structure that at the same time gives rise to more complex and subtle interactions with ourselves and the world.

Fundamental to Biotensegrity is the concept of multi-scalar interconnectedness – we don’t move parts of ourselves but instead are forever shapeshifting.

Practical details

Dates: 22-23rd April 2023
Time: 10.00-16.30
Level: Open to the curious
Place: Im_flieger
Bräuhausgasse 40 Souterrain,
1050 Wien (U4 Pilgramgasse)

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