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Vienna, Austria
The Practice of Practise: Teaching as Artistic Research
March to December 2023

The Practice of Practise: Teaching as Artistic Research

In 2023 Im_flieger offers a second edition of > SCHULE@Im_flieger: a hybrid format that combines transgenerational and transdisciplinary knowledge transfer, artistic research, production and discourse. Under the direction and mentoring of Malcolm Manning, the year will be dedicated to the topic The Practice of Practise: Teaching as Artistic Research

Malcolm Manning will teach his work “Choreographing Subjectivities” through the lens of developing practices and supports participants to develop and share theirs. Two guest-researchers, the architect and Feldenkrais practioner Auxiliadora Gálvez (ES) and the dancer and choreographer Pia Lindy (FI), will share their specific approaches in weekend workshops.

The intention is to: refine existing practices; develop new practices, both individually and collectively; become more skilled at sharing our practices. We will blur the lines between what we traditionally think of as class and performance, searching for new formats to share the results of our artistic research. The participants will document and deepen the developed practices within the residency and share it with a wider public.

Artistic direction / mentor 2023: Malcolm Manning
Curation: Anita Kaya, Malcolm Manning, Agnes Schneidewind
selected artists/participants 2023: tba
guests/experts 2023: Pia Lindy, María Auxiliadora Gálvez

March – December 2023

The school year consists of a series of two week-long and seven weekend meetings (6 hours/day, 1 hour break included) together with a series of sixteen bi-monthly Tuesday evening practice meetings. Five of the weekend workshops are also open for additional participants to join. Within the core group participants there will be extra studio-time offered.

15-19th March 2023
Core-group week – Arriving Into The Process // Malcolm Manning
An introduction to the group, sharing of interests and artistic practices.

22-23rd April 2023
Biotensegrity: Anatomy for the 20th Century (open workshop) // Malcolm Manning
Originating within the medical profession, Biotensegrity offers a simpler, more organic, holistic model of our anatomy that at the same time gives rise to more complex and subtle interactions with ourselves and the world.

20-21st May 2023
Extended Minds (open workshop) // Malcolm Manning

What if we’ve got that mind-body relationship thing the wrong way around? What if it’s not the mind that lives in the body but the body that lives within an extended mind? We’ll explore one possible explanation of this; panpsychism.

10-11th June 2023
Dancing outside the box (open workshop) // Pia Lindy (FI)

What happens to our moving, thinking and choice making when working as artists in different contexts and environments? Exploring, sharing and reflecting on experiences, ideas and questions on process-oriented artistic practices and potentialities of dance, movement and improvisation in everyday life and society.

8-9th July 2023
Core-group weekend (closed group)

Returning to the core group for a longer meeting to give us a chance to reflect on the process so far.

2-3rd September 2023
Radical Calmness Practice (open workshop) // Malcolm Manning

You’ll be guided to experience your expansive perceptual body in a process something like experiential anatomy, but different, and then encouraged to move to find rest and stillness, in a process something like authentic movement, but different.

30th September – 1st October 2023
Sentient Ecologies (open workshop) // Auxiliadora Gálvez (ES)

This workshop will cross somatics with architecture and landscape approaches, but also with the imaginaries able to make revolutions in our daily practices through new awareness and renovated perceptions. Theory and practice will be intertwined with active environments.

28-29th October 2023
Core-group weekend (closed group)

Returning to the core group for a longer meeting to share and reflect on our own practices and the process so far. Planning for the final meeting in December.

29th November – 3rd December 2023
Sharing Our Practices with the public

The conclusion of the project would be a sharing of our practices in whatever setting is most appropriate and sympathetic to our individual and collective work: performative work; taught classes or workshops; lectures; exhibition of artwork; panel discussion.

Open Call

Deadline : 15th October 2022

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