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Wien, Austria : Morning Classes And Workshop : 8-20 October 2012

MORNING CLASSES : Awareness Perception Presence

Mon-Sat from 10.45-12.30
WEEK ONE 8-13 October : Moving From The Fish Body
WEEK TWO 15-20 October : Integrating The Arms And Legs

These classes are a practical exploration of how to apply somatic movement practices to enhance how you perform, learn and create dance movement vocabulary. They also offer the possibility to deal with any longstanding aches and pains, and grow your ability to recover from or injuries or, better still, avoid them.

Each class contains a Feldenkrais Method lesson at its heart, supplemented by experiential anatomy, ideokinesis and other specially-devised material to enter into a physical dialogue with ourselves and the environment in which we are situated. I am particularly interested in how the seemingly internal changes that result from exploring these somatic practices are mirrored in the way we perceive the world around us and how the world perceives us.

While the form was developed as a two-hour morning class for professional dancers, its focus on the simple acts of standing and walking and the fact that each person works with the material presented on their own then it’s possible for anyone who is interested to attend the classes. A dance class for professional dancers that they can bring their partners along to!

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WORKSHOP – Re-membering ourselves : considering the body as a historical archive

Mon-Thur 15-18 October from 13.30 – 16.30

While our personal histories are often conceived of as thought or spoken linguistic narratives, this experimental laboratory-like workshop attempts to uncover, include and integrate the felt sense of history in the body. We’ll use a range of tools including authentic movement, writing tasks and storytelling as a way of gently and respectfully exploring and sharing the histories of our bodies. The frame for this is to develop material that could be brought into choreographic processes.

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