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Wien, Austria
Proto-technique morning classes at TQW
6-18 June 2016

Proto-technique class

This is a process-oriented dance class focused on how we experience ourselves moving. We examine how that experience is shaped by how we imagine ourselves into being, according to both our personal histories and mythologies and the cultures and languages in which we are immersed.

The aim is to develop self-awareness as a tool for creating and refining our own dance practices: widening the range of movement vocabulary and qualities; improving ease, efficiency and flow in movement; recovering from and avoiding injury.

The impossibility of a purely physical training is assumed from the start. The class encourages critical and conceptual interrogation of the many discourses that shape our experience. It is a class about dancing in context. The invitation is to enter into a perceptual dialogue with ourselves in which we become the experts of our own experience.

There is no self-contained closed system presented here. It’s more the sharing of an open-ended inquiry that’s not concerned with finding answers but creating a multiplicity of different solutions or viewpoints. This is a process that embraces mystery and doubt. The ultimate focus is pragmatic. What works for us.

Two-part class structure – follow your interest

The class is longer than a regular dance technique class and to fit it into the TQW training schedule the class is divided into two parts.

Part one presents a functional idea in the form of an interactive lecture using guided movement exploration, experiential anatomy and ideokinesis. It ends with a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson.

In Part two, we begin by taking time for open self-directed exploration as a direct continuation, dancing with the material explored in part one. Then will then be the opportunity to go deeper into somatic details or working with related compositional tasks depending on the needs and interests of those present.

Note : The form was developed as a two-hour morning class for professional dancers. However, its continual mapping of movements back to the simple acts of standing and walking means the material is approachable and useful for anyone. Because each person works alone with the material, it is in fact suitable for groups of mixed abilities, skills and interests.

Days, Dates and Times:

Monday-Saturday 6-11th and 13-18th June from 10.45-12.30:
Proto-Technique Class Part One : Functional Anatomy And Feldenkrais

Monday-Thursday 6-9th and 13-16th June from 12.30-14.00:
Proto-Technique Class Part Two : Dancing With The Info From Part One

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