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Zagreb, Croatia
Extended Mind Practices: Towards Radical Calmness
12/13th October 2019

Presented by Improspekcije

Extended Mind Practices – Towards Radical Calmness

“What if it’s not the mind that lives in the body but the body that lives in the mind?”

In the discourse of philosophy of mind there is renewed interest in hypotheses that consider consciousness as a fundamental property of our universe. Since consciousness is at the core of somatic practices, I am curious what implications working within this paradigm might have in the field of somatically-oriented dance, art and design practices?

My feeling is that reformulating the relationship of mind and body might open up post-somatic practices where the body is not experienced from the inside, but rather as a physical presence situated within a larger field of consciousness, where connectedness assumes more importance than individuality.

In this workshop, I present dance and movement practices that I have been collecting and synthesising, devising and revising, as a playful embodied investigation of how we might experience subjectivity differently; how our sense of presence with the world changes when we reformulate the mind-body relationship.

This could be especially interesting for anyone engaging with post-humanist, new materialist and perspectivist theories in their research and practices. I am also interested in the contribution that somatic and post-somatic practices can make in devising strategies to withstand and resist the anxiety that pervades the times we live in, hence the subtitle Towards Radical Calmness.

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